Making a Claim

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1. If a fault develops please stop driving the vehicle as you may cause further damage and this may invalidate any claim. Please contact us as soon as possible, no later than 7 days. Your claim will not be authorised if you do not report the failure as required.


2. Do not proceed with any repairs until you have spoken to a Warranty Protect claim handler who will instruct you through the process. We cannot approve a claim which has been carried out without authorisation.


3. You must provide a diagnosis/report of failed components at your own cost. This will establish if the failed part(s) are covered under this warranty. We can assist you in finding a local independent garage to carry this out on your behalf. We reserve the right to inspect both the vehicle and failed component(s) at the time of a claim using an Independent Expert Assessor.

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4. Depending on the diagnosis, the circumstances of the breakdown and the claims limit, you may be asked to contribute more, some or all of the repair costs.


5. If your claim is approved, we will work with a designated garage to rectify the fault(s). The garage can only carry out repairs once authorised by Warranty Protect. We will handle approved claim payments directly with the garage.


6. Payment of a claim is given subject to the fault being rectified. We cannot authorise items to be replaced that do not cure the fault.

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